VH-80: Laser Distance Measurer

VH-80 is a bilateral laser distance measuring device that calculates the distance between itself and records the length with high accuracy. It can cover a measurement of up to 80 meters, with an internal memory that keeps a record of over 9 measurements. Users are capable of receiving data through the VH-80 app via Bluetooth,… Continue reading VH-80: Laser Distance Measurer

Kinsa Smartphone Thermometer

Kinsa Smartphone Thermometer is the world’s smartest thermometer thatĀ plugs right into your smartphoneĀ via the headphone jack and works with a free app (available on the Apple iTunes store or Google Play store). TheĀ Thermometer meets ASTM standards for professional accuracy and takes fast, 10-second readings.Ā Your healthĀ information can be stored and shared with your doctor, and the… Continue reading Kinsa Smartphone Thermometer