365 Postcards for Ants  Lorraine Loots

365 Postcards for Ants is a painting project by Cape Town artist Lorraine Loots who has been creating a miniature painting since 2013. Every day Continue reading

hyperrealistic oil paintings of people

Venezuela-based artist Gustavo Silva Nuñez creates an incredibly hyperrealistic oil paintings of people swimming in water, his use of light and reflections making them appear Continue reading

Cigarette Smoke Plume Photos

Photographer Thomas Herbrich captured 100,000 smoke plume photos to snatch the precise shot for that instant when the perfect moment appears. After going through a massive amount of images, Herbrich selected 20 Continue reading


Artist Ted Lawson creates a life-size naked self-portrait drawn using his own blood as ink. The blood was fed directly to a CNC machine so it Continue reading

japanese single brush stroke art

Artists from Studio Kousyuuya in Nikko, Japan, can beautifully paint a body of a dragon in a one brush stroke, using a giant sumi brush. The traditional art is very similar to ink wash painting and Japanese Continue reading

car covered coins

Larry and Theresa Thompson from Fort Wayne, Indiana have covered their 1949 Cadillac Series 62 ‘Penny’ with more that 38,000 Cents ($382.95 coins worth). The coins, which were all stuck Continue reading