Naomi Nutcracker

Naomi is a brilliantly designed nutcracker that uses a spring to simply crack the nuts inside of it, by pulling back the handle and letting go. The Naomi Continue reading

Susan Kare Photo

Susan Kare is an artist, graphic designer and pioneer of pixel art; she created many of the graphical interface elements for the original Apple Macintosh in Continue reading

vittel refresh cab water bottle

The Refresh Cap by Vittel is a bottle cap that raises a flag to remind you to keep drinking water each hour and to stay hydrated. When you twist the bottle cap Continue reading

Paperclip Armrest

The Paperclip Armrest is a patented design concept created by Hong Kong-based Paperclip Design Limited, that solves the perennial problem of fighting for elbow room in high-density seating. Its the Continue reading

Amazing Wall Collages Made of Colorful Paper and Plastic Cups

New York-based artist Lisa Hoke creates a colorful wall collages out of an collection of disposable items. Using paper and plastic cups, she installs each of Continue reading