Fat Girl Picture

The guys behind Simple Pickup, a dating site, decided to conduct a social experiment by sent a woman in a fat suit to meet unsuspecting Continue reading

Girl Freaks Out Over A Flu Shot

Michaela was about to get her flu shot, when her brother, who had just gotten his, told her, “it’s worse than you think!! it’s way Continue reading

Little Girl Horrified After Dad Shaves His Beard Off

One little girl got a nasty surprise when her dad decided to shaved his facial hair in the middle of their game of peek-a-boo, using Continue reading

Giant Mutant DogSpider

Chica the DogSpider is the work of Polish prankster Sylwester Wardega, who has dressed up his little black pooch in a large spider costume to enjoy Continue reading


Photographer Patrick Hall came up with an unusual idea for a photoshoot project. He managed to find a group of people who agreed to get tased with a stun gun Continue reading

Czech Anti-Public Urination Street

An interesting Anti-public urination street sign in Mikulov, Czech Republic that aims to prevent those who feel no shame relieving themselves on the streets. The Continue reading