Barack Obama in New York City

President Barack Obama look-alike Louis Ortiz recently tricked thousands of people in New York City while visiting Times Square. All it took was a full Continue reading

Student Skydivers Shoe Hits The Instructor In The Face

A Student skydivers shoe flies off her foot and hits the instructor in the face seconds after he pulls the parachute. The pair were performing a tandem Continue reading

Man Puts On Pants Without Using His Hands

A Chinese guy posted a video of himself putting his pants on in around 30 seconds without using his hands. The young performer is seen standing in his underwear Continue reading

People Slap Each Other

Screenwriter Max Landis created a video called “THE SLAP” where he gathered a couple of friends and acquaintances, and asked them to hit each other in the face. Some of Continue reading

Barack Obama Mug

A mug manufacturer has mistakenly printed photo of US president Barack Obama wearing the England soccer shirt on a souvenir mug intended to have the image of national team defender Chris Continue reading