Artists from Studio Kousyuuya in Nikko, Japan, can beautifully paint a body of a dragon in a one brush stroke, using a giant sumi brush. The traditional art is very similar to ink wash painting and Japanese Continue reading

Talented artist Heather Rooney created a spectacular photo realistic portrait drawing of NBA basketball player LeBron James using only colored pencils. The 5-minute, time-lapse video translates into many hours Continue reading

French artist Sébastien Del Grosso, 32, created a photography and sketch combination art called it “The Sketch of a Life”. Sébastien manipulates the image to Continue reading

Artist Mary Ellen Croteau created a portrait of herself made out of 7,000 plastic bottle caps. The seven feet by eight feet portrait is inspired by the self-portraiture of Chuck Close. via: Laughing Continue reading

The world-famous graffiti artist, Banksy sold his original artwork worth tens of thousands of dollars for just $60 a piece. A hidden camera captured the street stall in Continue reading

At a first glance these pictures you see here looks like a professional photos, but if you look closer to some of them you’ll notice Continue reading