5 Fun Physics Phenomena

Derek Muller of the Veritasium YouTube channel has demonstrated five cool physics-related phenomena, including center of mass cane trick, water bending, magnetic cereal and a flying tea bag. Muller wants the Continue reading

Jet Engine Assembly

Baratunde Thurston takes us behind the scenes at GE Global Research Center to learn how does a jet engine works with the help of aerospace engineer Continue reading

British Airways passenger

British Airways conducted an experiment on passengers at 30,000 feet using neuro-sensitive device that reads the electrical activity in their brain. The airline company was Continue reading

Amazing Bead Chain Experiment in Slow Motion

On the latest episode of Earth Unplugged by BBC Earth Productions, they met with Steve Mould, the science guy from Britain’s Brightest, to explore the science behind the Continue reading

Gloves Turn Sign Language Into Speech

What a brilliant idea! A group of Ukrainian students have invented a sensory gloves that work with an app to turn sign language into automated speech. The Enable Talk Continue reading