Lexus has created a full size origami IS vehicle made of laser-cut cardboard sheets. The car company teamed up with a UK design firm, LaserCut Works to build Continue reading

French artist Shani Ha installed a interactive exhibit named Table For Two at a restaurant in New York City. The table is placed half-indoor and half-outdoor of a corner bistro, Continue reading

Livio De Marchi has spent five months carving a block of pine to create a working Ferrari F50 boat. The craftsman carefully carved the famous supercar Continue reading

New York-based artist Andy Yoder created a giant world globe sculpture made entirely of hand painted matchsticks. Andy has spent nearly two years on his piece, Early One Morning, painstakingly Continue reading

Artist Randall Rosenthal carves and paints solid blocks of wood into amazing realistic sculptures of paper objects. Rosenthal work has gone wildly viral, thanks to the cardboard box chock-full of cash Continue reading

The beautiful piece of art you see in the above picture was created with 96,690 colorful toothpicks by 500 students in Japan. According to the teacher, Jim Mullins who invested in this project, Continue reading