First Cabin is a business-class capsule hotel located in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. The hotel was converted from an old office building and was opened in July 3, Continue reading

Cliff House is a design concept for a five-story home to hang off the side of a cliff in Australian. Entry to the modular structure is Continue reading

Filmmaker Rob Whitworth created “Barcelona GO!” a flow-motion video of the beautiful city of Barcelona. The 2 minutes timelapse of Barcelona took 363 hours to make and Continue reading

The All-Russian Exhibition Center has built an upside-down house as a tourist attraction in Moscow. Everything within the home is upside down, the ceiling is the floor Continue reading

American artist Phillip K Smith III has added mirrored panels to the walls of an old desert cabin in Mojave Desert, California to create the illusion of transparency. The mirrors partially cover the building’s exterior walls, Continue reading