Starbucks to Offer Wireless Smartphone Charging

No more micro USB’s or dangling cables anywhere. Starbucks teamed up with Duracell Powermat to offer customers wireless charging pads in their stores, starting with the San Francisco area. The “Powermat Continue reading

vittel refresh cab water bottle

The Refresh Cap by Vittel is a bottle cap that raises a flag to remind you to keep drinking water each hour and to stay hydrated. When you twist the bottle cap Continue reading

Haagen-Dazs Tomato and Carrot Ice Cream

Haagen-Dazs Japan has launched a SpoonVege “Tomato Cherry” and “Carrot Orange” ice cream flavors in Japan. The company is currently running a promotion through its Continue reading

Arnold Schwarzenegger Giant Steak And Egger Sandwich

Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, 66, teamed up with the YouTube cooking channel Epic Meal Time to show fans how to make a giant 80,500 calorie Continue reading

Map of Coffee Shop Chains in the United States

The map above shows the closest of nine major coffee giants within a 10-mile radius throughout the U.S. and southern Canada. As you can see here, many Continue reading

Creepy Wedding Cake With Two Bloody Severed Heads

Cake artist Natalie Sideserf, the owner of Austin bakery Sideserf Cake Studio, decided to avoid the idea of making a traditional wedding cake when she and her husband were married Continue reading