Flying Naan Dough

Baker V.Sathyaraj, 28-year-old, draws crowds to Baskar Hotel in Tamil Nadu by throwing discs of dough above guests’ heads. He can created 25 flying Naan dough in Continue reading

Worlds Most Expensive Fruits

There are some fruits that rise above others in terms of monetary value, which could put a dent in your grocery budgets. Like the Densuke Watermelon Continue reading

Cake Decorating Machine Bakon

A very interesting video to watch that features some cake decorating machines by Bakon. I could watch these cake decorating machines all day and never get tired. Enjoy!

obesity symptoms

An extremely powerful message to all the parents that consequences of unhealthy diet  and bad eating habits for their kids at a young age, which may lead to obesity. In the Continue reading

Cornetto Glow in The Dark Ice Cream

The latest ice cream sensation glows in the dark that will have you look at ice cream in a whole new way. The popular ice cream Continue reading

Cooking Steak With Molten Lava

London-based creative duo Bompas & Parr travelled to Syracuse University in upstate New York to attempt to cook a steak using an artificial Lava. There they Continue reading