Smokers Lungs vs Healthy Lungs

A shocking experiment shows the differences in lung capacity between a smoker and a non-smoker. The video below features an air pump inflating two sets of lungs to Continue reading

obesity symptoms

An extremely powerful message to all the parents that consequences of unhealthy diet  and bad eating habits for their kids at a young age, which may lead to obesity. In the Continue reading

Three Athletes pausing in front of Kuwait Towers

On May 4, three Red Bull Athletes from Kuwait (Mohamed Jaffar, Mohamed Al Attar and Mansour Al Safran) will join tens of thousands of runners around Continue reading

Sat Nav Red Shoes

The brand new “Sat Nav Shoes” from Lechal uses integrated GPS technology to send discreet vibrations to your feet telling you which way to go. The technology, comes either Continue reading

Brazilian Bodybuilder With 29-Inch Biceps

Arlindo de Souza has grown a 29 Inch biceps – the biggest in Brazil – after injecting a cocktail of mineral Oil and Alcohol into his arms. The 43-year-old’s Continue reading

Interactive Website Shows How Smoking Changes Your Body

An interactive website “Tobacco Body” created by Cancer Society of Finland that shows the physical differences between smokers and nonsmokers. The website gives us a visual representation of what long-term Continue reading