ROTO Fitness Bottle

ROTO is a powder shake sport bottle with a build in electric motor for mixing protein drinks and recovery drinks. The bottle is designed to save you time and effort, at Continue reading

Head Transplant By Sergio Canavero

An Italian surgeon claims he will be able to perform the first head transplant – in which patient’s head would be glued onto a donor body – in only two Continue reading

Medical Tablets Bottle ArchTek Toothpaste

ArchTek created a travel friendly chewable toothpaste tablets. Simply pop a tablet in your mouth, chew it up and then proceed with brushing as usual. Archtek’s Cool Continue reading

Yulia Vins

Julia Vins 18-year-old Russian girl with the face of a French doll and the body of the Hulk. The latest social media star have attracted thousands of fans on Continue reading

Bacteria On Phone  1

A study conducted by students from the University of Surrey who imprinted their smartphones into Petri dishes containing so-called ‘bacterial growth medium‘, revealing a whole host of Continue reading

Smokers Lungs vs Healthy Lungs

A shocking experiment shows the differences in lung capacity between a smoker and a non-smoker. The video below features an air pump inflating two sets of lungs to Continue reading