Photographer Thomas Herbrich captured 100,000 smoke plume photos to snatch the precise shot for that instant when the perfect moment appears. After going through a massive amount of images, Herbrich selected 20 Continue reading

A video has been uploaded online that features a group of fishermen laughing and joking while filming a fish on their smartphone with a lit cigarette stuck into its mouth. The video has Continue reading

An interactive website “Tobacco Body” created by Cancer Society of Finland that shows the physical differences between smokers and nonsmokers. The website gives us a visual representation of what long-term Continue reading

Since quitting smoking is so difficult and relapsing is so easy, scientists are eyeing vaccines that make addicts immune to nicotine. Professor Yung Chang and Continue reading

Natasha of Nevie-Pie Cakes is known for creating desserts with disgusting themes. Her latest work is this Ashtray cake which was decorated with realistic and Continue reading

A powerful Anti-Smoking campaign TV advertisement by the UK’s Department of Health shows a tumor growing on a cigarette as it is smoked, illustrating that just 15 cigarettes cause a mutation that Continue reading